Create authentic community, show genuine compassion, and share the transforming love of Jesus

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a God centered community that is learning to love well and where no one is alone.  In 2015 we will invest time each month to build community with someone in our Canton Adventist Church family that you don’t know.


Our Values   

Love, Acceptance, Grace

We are a family that welcomes all, regardless of race, religion, or lifestyle.  We seek to be a safe place where free to explore questions about God and faith, and the life the Jesus calls us to live.  A place where past errors are laid to rest, where hope is born and where new life begins.


We believe that the spiritual journey is designed by God to be experienced alongside others, so we seek spiritually uplifting,  authentic, personal friendships with others.


We believe that God intended for families to provide the foundation for a strong society.  Therefore, we seek to encourage and support strong families.  Whether your family is traditional or modern, large or small, we seek to build families of all shapes and sizes. 


We believe Jesus Christ has called us to engage our local communities, so we actively reach out to others by meeting their needs and sharing the gospel in tangible ways so they can access the life of Christ.

Our Strategy

  1. Connect with people in authentic, compassionate relationships

  2. Invite them to worship in at our gathering times

  3. Grow spiritually together through Bible study and worship

  4. Adopt a lifestyle of service both inside and outside our Canton Community

Our Metrics      

  1. Involved in connecting with people both inside and outside our church

  2. Attends worship regularly and invite your friends to accompany you

  3. Growing spiritually through regular personal and group Bible Study

  4. Involved in serving our church family as well as the wider community

  5. Faithfully supports the church in tithes and offering

What We Believe

  1. In the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  2. The Son became a human being, Jesus, died for our sins, was raised the third day, ascended to the heavens, there to make intercession for us always.

  3. The gospel—the good news that through Jesus, God’s kingdom is now—and that all who believe may enter and find life.

  4. That Christianity is a life of learning from Jesus how to live in His kingdom and that He lays claim to all we are and possess.

  5. That the church is the community of God’s people called to bear witness to the gospel.

  6. Spiritual gifts equip the people of God to serve each other and society.

  7. That the Holy Scriptures are the inspired word of God and guide the church in its witness.

  8. That the seventh-day Sabbath is holy time and God’s signature upon creation and redemption.

  9. In the literal, personal and soon coming of Christ.

  10. That humanity by nature is mortal and eternal life is a gift of God through Christ.

  11. In the glorious resurrection of the righteous dead at the second coming of Christ where everything will be made new and sin will be no more.

  12. Our bodies are the temple of God’s Spirit and should be treated as such.

  13. That the Christian life should be characterized by simplicity and modesty and that our wealth spent to alleviate the suffering of the poor and needy.

Canton Adventist Church belongs to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a world-wide denomination based primarily on the authenticity of the Bible, upholding the Biblical seventh-day Sabbath and looking forward to the soon returning of Jesus Christ. To read a full description of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, please click  here