A Simple Faith Jesus Story

Mariamma has a simple faith. She believes that when Jesus promises that “anything you ask in my name will be given you” (John 14), he means what he says. It’s a simple faith. She also believes in prayer. Constant, 24/7 prayer. And she prays for everything. She prays for the rooms she cleans as part of her job as a custodian at a long term care facility. She prays for the residence of each room. She prays for the staff that run the facility. She also prays for the people she walks by on her commute to work. She prays for the cars that pass her by. She prays for the light poles and airplanes and the road crews she sees on her way to work. And those are a lot of people, planes, and cars, because for the last year she has walked 8 miles one way to work, through the notorious Atlanta area traffic. When her car broke down last year, she didn’t have the money to fix it and no way of replacing it. So she walked and she prayed and she tapped into her simple faith that believed that if she prayed and if she had faith, that God was going to work things out. She never complained, she didn’t ask anyone for help, she didn’t expect God to drop a car out of the clear blue sky. But she had faith.

Dolly Nielsen, a therapist at the facility Mariamma worked at, and a member of the Canton Adventist Church, met Mariamma through their shared belief in the power of prayer. A friendship was formed and Dolly began to volunteer to drive Mariamma home when she was able. A burden was placed on Dolly’s heart to try to do something to help. She knew she couldn’t do it alone, so she reached out to her home church, a community that tries to join Jesus in telling new stories in people’s lives. The Canton Adventist Church family rallied together to raise money to tell a new Jesus story in the life of Mariamma.

That is how, Mariamma showed up to work one day, and in her words “three angels appeared” to tell a new story. A car was presented to her, along with gas cards and money for insurance. When she was told she had a new car, her first reaction was to fall to her knees, bury her face in her hands and cry “thank you daddy, thank you Jesus!” It’s the power of simple prayers and a simple faith. It’s what He uses to tell Jesus stories!