Many of you have been following the news of flooding in southern Louisiana.  For most of us, the stories of the people that are affected are just that, stories. They are faces of people you will never know with stories you will never share.  But we wanted to introduce you to one family that shares a common story with those of us who have grown up in or are connected to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The Broussard family (Roger and Cheryl Broussard, their three children: Michelle Broussard Raborn, Christie Broussard Creighton, and Roger Lee Broussard, and 6 grandkids,) from Prairieville, Louisiana are long time members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and are graduates of Bass Memorial Academy, a Seventh-day Adventist High School in Purvis Mississippi

Last weeks flooding has destroyed all four of their homes and possessions, as well as rental properties they used for their livelihood.  Their homes were positioned on high ground so they had no flood insurance, and due to some technicalities, only one of the homes qualifies for Federal Disaster Relief from FEMA.  All four families have lost pretty much everything they own.

Several members of our Adventist community drove down to Prairieville over the weekend to help where they can and can testify to the complete devastation of these precious families.

The Broussards' stories are heart breaking, but their courage and faith in God is unwavering.  With typical Louisiana fortitude, they don't ask for help or assistance--They just do what needs doing.

They're not asking for our help, but we feel like God is calling us to help.  The Canton Adventist Church believes deeply in helping to tell Jesus Stories in the lives of people we come in contact with.  This year alone we have been able to provide a car to someone who needed transportation, we provided housing to someone who didn’t have a place to live, and we provided bail money to a young adult who made a mistake.  Those were Jesus stories being told in the lives of people who have needs.  And now there is another Jesus Story waiting to be told in the lives of the Broussard Family. 

We are inviting you to donate to our Louisiana Flood Relief fund and we will ensure that 100% of your donated funds go directly to help those such as the Broussards who have been affected by this tragedy! 

Through the generous donations of our church family and others around the country, we were able to raise almost $44,000 that was given directly to these families to help them rebuild their lives!

This is what it means to Love Well and Show Compassion

Thank you for helping to tell a new Jesus Story