We live in a culture that is defined by the pursuit of material success and increased productivity.  While providing a relatively high standard of living, the consequences of this life is that we have lost the rhythms of natural life that God created within us.  We have lost the ability to find balance between our work and our rest.  Our constant chasing after the wind has left many of us exhausted and spiritually deprived.  We miss the intentional time to create relationships with family, with friends and with our God. 

Sabbath calls us to refocus and reprioritize our life.  Sabbath calls us to reorder our paths and redirects our attention to Jesus, the true source of our ultimate rest.



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August 8, 2015 Transcript / Takeaways

August 15, 2015 Transcript / Takeaways

August 22, 2015 Transcript / Takeaways

September 5, 2015  Transcript / Takeaway

September 12, 2015  Transcript / Takeaway